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Grocery Shopping & Saving Money!

Recently I’ve gotten back into using coupons when I go grocery shopping and yesterday was no difference. I went to Walmart prepared to saving some money and that’s what I did. We got a lot of things like I had two coupons for Pledge Multi-Surface Spray or Wipes for buy one get one free. So I got 4 of them for a total of $8 which is awesome! Then I had a coupon for Air Wick Reeds for $2 off and I found one that was on clearance so I only paid $2 for it. It smells awesome! I had a coupon from Kraft Foods for the new Jello Mix In Refrigerated Jello’s to save $1.25 on them and the price for them at Walmart was $1.50 which means I only paid $.25 for them. The Yoplait Greek yogurt I only paid $1.00 for because I had a coupon. So after all of the other savings I had I saved a total of $30 just in coupons which was awesome. While it wasn’t as good as the first trip to Harris Teeter I think I did pretty well on the savings! I am a coupon queen now and I love to save as much money as I can for our family to use towards other items or bills or Christmas.

I go to and Southern Savers. I highly recommend going to these to check out the coupons to help you save. We also get the Sunday paper every Sunday and that helps out as well. 

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