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Jason’s Birthday!

Tomorrow, 10/23 is my husband’s birthday! I feel kind of bad for him because he has to work on his birthday the night shift but it’s ok because the next night he will be off work. I have recently been trying to rack my mind of things to get for him and he’s a hard one to shop for. I think he doesn’t want me to get him anything for his birthday but it’s hard not to think of something to get him. I want to take him out to a nice dinner but not sure when that will be. I know one thing that he would love for me to get him would be a top epiphone. He loves to play the guitar for me but since he’s been working his new job he hasn’t done much of that for me. I’d love to be able to get him something nice but since his birthday is tomorrow I just don’t see it possible for me to get it now but maybe for Christmas since it’s right around the corner!

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