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Saving, Saving, Saving…

Jason and I have talked about not going back to Disney World next year. But as we started thinking about it more and more, we decided that we would go ahead and start saving and if we have the money to go after we save up for it then we will go. We have already started a coin jar fund and I think Olivia and I will decorate it one day or night. Then we have decided that instead of buying little stupid things we would put the money on a Disney Gift Card and save it. We want to go on a trip with my parents but not sure if they will be able to next year or if we will have to wait another year. It’s just something to think about.

Another thing that I have also been doing is saving my money that goes into my PayPal account for me to purchase gift cards with it. Some other ways we are saving is we are not eating out as often as we’d like to go. And we are cooking at home more and saving more money that way. I’m also selling unnecessary things that we don’t use anymore or have never used. Every little bit helps! Plus we have decided not to get cable and we have subscribed to HuluPlus and also to Amazon Prime which we are able to watch all of the shows that we’d like to watch and movies too. I highly recommend them both if you are looking to save some money in your home.

Now here is a question for you: What do you do to help save money in your house?

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