Making Curtains for the House!

Thanks to my new found love with Pinterest, I’ve been able to pin ideas for the house and actually do some of them. One of the projects that I’ve been working on is making curtains for the house using drop cloths. I went to Lowes and purchased about 6 of them and have already started on making them for the house. I made my first one on Friday and haven’t finished it completely but will be finishing it up either tomorrow or Thursday.  Here is the first one:

And then I started making the curtains for our bedroom today and have painted them two different colors. Tomorrow I will put one up and work on the other one while the guy from Time Warner Cable comes out and sets up the internet in the house. I can’t wait to have it and to be able to stream movies again on the TV and computer.

So more things to do at the house but it’s slowly coming together for us. 🙂

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