Progress Happening at the house

Now that life is coming at us fast and quickly we have been trying to get the house done as fast as we can. We all can’t wait to move into the house and we can’t wait to settle down as a family in our own routine. I can’t wait to cook healthy foods for my family and have family time too. The playroom and kitchen are now fully painted and ready to move in. We just finished painting the master bedroom and all that has to be done is to paint the living, dining and guest bedroom now. We are going to move into the house first and then I will finish painting those rooms since I don’t have a job to keep me super busy. Plus another neat factor for us is I’m going to make our own curtains using drop clothes. So designing here I come. 🙂 But here are a few pictures of the house and what we have done or haven’t done. lol

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