Love Family & Friends

I’ve been very blessed to have some awesome family and friends in my life. I have several that I get to see often and several that we stay in touch but haven’t seen in forever. One thing that I’m looking forward to is seeing my friends I haven’t seen in a while. I need to see one before they move and I need to see one that just moved and here we are moving soon too. I’m looking forward to heading to Wilmington to see my Sister in laws new home in the fall and because I know her husband likes to smoke cigars I might bring him some. Plus I can go and search for padron cigars online and see about getting him some nice ones. I would buy my husband some but he’s in the middle of quitting smoking so I don’t want to tempt him at all. Plus while I’m in Wilmington I will have to visit Tonya and her family in their new home too. Lot’s of moving going on but in the long run it’s for us all to grow and spend time with friends and family. I’m sure she will come visit too when she visits her family in the area too.

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