I {heart} our home

Last weekend we got to go into our new home and see what it looked like on the inside. Wow! It’s beautiful and big. I love the extra space we have in the rooms and we even started priming the walls in Olivia’s room. Her room has a fireplace in it and has some nice natural light coming in there. We have picked the colors out for the rooms and I have to replace some of the blinds in the house I’ve actually come up with some nice ideas to do instead of trying to replace them all. I’m also going to build a headboard for our room and so that will be nice too. Lots of things to do in the house and I can’t wait until it’s all ready to have friends and family come visit us.

Here are a few pictures taken off my phone from this past weekend of the house. I’m sure I will be updating it more once projects get done in the house.

Our Room
 Living Room
Olivia’s Room
Some of the projects that I’m going to do after we finish painting the house is I want to make Roman Shades for the rooms and use this easy tutorial. And then I want to make a headboard for our bed just like this one. I want to make some rugs for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom by doing this. And of course I want to do this for the curtains in the playroom by doing this.
I have lots to do in the house and within time it will be beautiful again and will work well for us as a family.

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