Olympics are on!

I’m loving the Olympics right now because I’m watching with Olivia and she is loving it too. She has asked since it coming on Friday night to watch it. We are waiting for the Women’s Gymnastic to come on and the Diving to come on too. It’s something that we both love to watch and since we are thinking of putting Olivia into an activity this year while living in St. Pauls and gymnastics is what Olivia wants to do. One thing that I want to make sure is that while Olivia is doing a nice activity is that she gets enough oxygen to her brain. I remember when she was little and was in the hospital they had a difficult time getting her pulse oxygen. They had to put a pulse oximeter on her big toe and they had to tape it on there so she wouldn’t get it off. I pray that when Jason and I have a child together that we won’t have a repeat of what happened with Olivia.

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