Whoa..Where did July Go?

I’m desperately trying to figure out what happened to the month of July. It seems like it has snuck right by us again. Last week I found out that the owner of the daycare that Olivia goes to started a summer camp and afterschool center and asked if Olivia could go there. I said sure of course when I found out it was closer to home and it’s about $40 cheaper a week. I’ve been paying a good penny for her to go to daycare and found out she doesn’t eat most of the food she’s given. So this new daycamp has been wonderful for her and she brings her own lunch which is perfect.

It’s not too much longer before school will be back in session and I’m hoping that in a few years we can either put her in private school or homeschool her. I’d love to be able to homeschool her and not have to worry about public school. Plus it would help us save money on fieldtrips and disappointments when not invited to a party because the kids don’t care for a lot of kids to go to. I’m hoping that next year for Olivia’s birthday we can have a good party for Olivia.

We have talked about not going to Disney World next year too which would be super cool too. I’d rather just go to the beach or do something different next year. As much as it would hurt to not go it would be awesome!

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