Praying for Good News…

Lately I have been pretty hush, hush about what is going on with our move to Saint Pauls, NC because I haven’t been feeling up like sharing until we hear something about the house and also about a job for me. Jason just got the information for the Health Insurance and I’m pretty excited about it too. I have to figure out which would be best for us too. I’m really excited about moving and getting things together so that we will have a good transition down there. I know it’s going to be difficult for Olivia but it’s something that she too is looking forward to. We are even thinking of getting a second bed to put in her bedroom so that when she has friends over they can each have their own bed and still have a sleepover.

Today I’m supposed to hear some news and I’m praying for it to be good news. Just keeping my head held high for it.

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