Glasses & More…

I’m so excited that in a few months I will have insurance which means I can go see the doctor about several things that have been going on with me for several years and it seems I might have pinpointed what could be wrong with me but don’t want to say anything at all about it right now. Another thing that I can do is go get my glasses with the insurance and not have to pay fully out-of-pocket which is what I have to do now. I want to find some eyeglasses cheap and for them to be stylish too. I know this will help me be able to see while using the computer and while driving in the rain and at night. It’s something that I should have gotten instead of contacts because with the contacts and my allergies I can’t wear them. Ugh. Oh well one day I will get my eyes right and maybe one day not have to worry about them at all and get the surgery to help the cataract on my right eye.

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