Results are in!

Well I haven’t really gotten to update everyone on the results of Olivia from the testing we had done. Olivia has been diagnosed with having an Anxiety Disorder, ADD and PDD which is Pervasive Developmental Disorder which happens to be an autistic disorder. She has the diagnosis of Asperger’s but was not given the full diagnosis until they know the full severity of it. So they placed her having PDD. While we knew this is what was going to be put on her we are happy we have a diagnosis and can seek help for Olivia. They also tested her IQ and where she stands academically and while there are a few places where she struggles like her alphabet writing and writing in general she excels in many. Olivia is on grade level 4 and 5 when it comes to her math, reading and a few other things. We will have to work on Olivia’s handwriting and will have to explain things a little better to Olivia for her to understand some things. As far as learning, Olivia does not have a learning disability but she is a visual learner which means instead of listening to the teacher tell a lecture she will reap the benefits of seeing it.

I’m very grateful that we have a diagnosis and it explains why there are several things that Olivia does that is not normal in many peoples vocabularies. But Olivia is her own self and she is different in her own ways. Olivia might not have the social skills that we all might have but she is working on it and we will continue to work with her until she feels comfortable in her own skin. While I might have to help her get dressed in the certain order she has to get done every morning and while we might deal with a meltdown several times a day, I still love her to the ends of the earth and back. I have learned to deal with Olivia and her differences compared to others. Olivia is special in her own way and I never want her to forget that! No one will ever take my daughter’s place and no one will ever understand her as much as I do! So while we might have to still use a stroller when we go out in public like Disney World, just remember that I do this to keep my child safe and so we don’t have a major meltdown in public. It’s hard to sometimes get looks but when until you have a child who has an autistic disorder you won’t understand the importance of keeping them as safe as you can! They are the same as all other kids but sometimes you just need to keep a closer eye on them for other reasons. This journey has only just begun and we are looking forward to seeking a cure or a solution for Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD and Autism.

I love you Olivia with all my heart and I look forward to you growing up with all your differences, strengths and more! You are an amazing little girl and I love you to the moon and back!

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