It’s Music to our ears…

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about getting Olivia involved in something that she would really love to do. She’s really into animals and music. She loves to sing, make music and just dance around the house and when we go over to our good friends house. For the past few months I have thought about going online to Shop keyboards & MIDI. Olivia has told me that she would love to learn to play the piano and while I don’t know how to play one I am sure starting her off on a keyboard would be a wonderful thing for her. She loves to listen to my dad play the piano at the house and the keyboard at church and he does a wonderful job on it. I would love to see Olivia play something on the keyboard and while I’m still searching for the one I had from when I was growing up, getting her one of her own would be even better! So I guess this is something that we can look for after we move. 🙂

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