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Tax Time!

I love tax time! I love going to see my tax man and finding out how much in taxes I’m going to get back. I have been fortunate in the past several years to have gotten back enough to go to Disney World with Olivia and be able to purchase a new car. This year I decided to use part of my refund to take a big vacation with Olivia and Jason and yes we’re going back to Disney World. We are going for Olivia’s 8th birthday and she is beyond excited about it. Probably just as much as we are too. The people who I use is H&R Block and I found online some h&r block coupons that you can use to have your taxes prepared. I didn’t use any coupons but if I did have to use them then I would use them. I use coupons for other things like oil changes in our new car that we just purchase a month ago, on products for the house, and for other things like food. I love saving money!

Do you love tax time too?

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