Olivia & Life

So I realized I haven’t talked much about Olivia lately on the site because we’ve been busy working on spending more quality time together. So much has been happening to her and to us lately that it’s hard to tell you everything. Lately we’ve been going through somethings with school and daycare and although I’m not going to comment on what it could be it’s just something that is going to take a while to get used to. She is doing excellent in her reading and is reading at a 3rd grade level and is doing well in other areas at school too. We just have to work with her in math and while it might seem like there’s not much a 2nd grader can do with math, well she has a lot to do with math. We are working right now with her teacher and with her school in getting a 504 plan set in place for when we move in the summer.

We are looking forward to moving into a new town and county and getting out of this area. I’m looking forward to moving to where there is a better job opportunity for me. Olivia is looking forward to moving into a neighborhood that has a lot of kids to play with outdoors. One thing that I will say that is going on with Olivia is she’s having a difficult time making friends. Now it’s not that she doesn’t want to play with anyone she just has her ways in doing things. We are working with her in many ways to overcome this hurdle and soon enough we will know why. Or at least we hope so. I’m so thankful for having a supportive family and a wonderful man in my life.

One more thing that we are planning is another wonderful trip to Disney World in April. We are also going to spend a day in Sea World and can’t wait for us to have fun. We are going to be driving down and we are excited to do so. We have a large vehicle to drive down and will have plenty of space to pack enough stuff for a week or so. This is going to be a great trip and once we have it booked there will be more details to come. 🙂 Look out Disney World we are going to be heading your way again soon enough!

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