It feels like Spring!

It’s hard to believe that it’s winter and not spring. Although it feels like it’s spring outside, we are still going to see winter for another 5 weeks. 🙁 boo! I don’t feel like it being winter anymore. We have been enjoying the outdoors by going for walks, riding our bikes and enjoying the windows being open in the car. It’s been wonderful but I know several people who live in the Midwest who have been blessed with having snow and super cold weather. One of them just happens to be a good friend whose husband likes to ride his Harley. But something that he might need to have while he rides in the cold weather is some heated motorcycle clothing. I know they can’t wait for the spring weather to come and then the summer clothes. I can’t wait to have all my windows down in my car and singing at the top of my lungs. Here’s to an early spring and here’s to the summer coming hopefully when the big move will happen.

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