Olivia is doing such a wonderful job in cheerleading this season. This is her first year doing it and we might have found the perfect sport for her. While she loves running and jumping on things she also loves to be loud, so what better sport to put her in than Cheerleading. She’s doing with with Upward this season and is loving it. She can be as loud as she wants and doesn’t get in trouble for being too loud. The one thing that I am noticing is she is becoming very shy when she’s cheering. She will watch the other girls and even though she knows the moves and the cheers she forgets them when she’s cheering.

Her daddy has been to just about all of her games minus 1 that he had to work that day. And while I have been to everyone I’m hoping she is continuing to grow spiritually since this is a church sport. She’s learning so much and with each game and each week comes a new scripture out of the Bible. If you’re kids are looking for a sport to do then I highly suggest allowing them to do Upward Basketball/Cheerleading. They will love it and it’s a great sport to support them and to learn more about Christ as well.

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