Oh, how we love Disney World!

Yes, we love Disney World and we are definitely addicted to going there. We have been the past 2 years and Olivia just came back from Disney World on New Year’s Eve. She had a great time there and is looking forward to going there again. Jason and I were talking about it the other day and how much we’d love to go to Disney World at least once a year if we could manage it money wise. Another thing we love about our family vacations is the fact that we can always find some of the best Disney World hotels with great deals. We have stayed in Pop Century and All Star Movies so far and are looking forward to the next time we go in staying in a little nicer hotel. Jason and I have talked about going to Disney World for our honeymoon when we get married but we haven’t decided on when that will be. This year we had talked about taking a Disney Cruise but with the cost of how much it would be for just 4 nights we’ve decided to hold off on a DC and just go on a Carnival Cruise with Olivia. We are going to shoot for leaving the Charleston Port because my sister lives in Folly Beach, SC and we could always park our car there at her house for the week. It’s going to be a fun trip and we have decided that we could take 2 big vacations for the same price it would cost to go on the Disney Cruise. Yet I think we will still be able to go to Disney World in the fall.

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