It’s Quiet in the backseat now:)

I have to say that for the past week it’s been wonderfully quiet in the backseat. Why you may ask? Well it’s because we officially have a DVD player in the car. Yes. Well I have also upgraded my car but I will say that it’s a much better vehicle that is safer than the Ford Escape that I had. I have all the seatbelts in it and I have something that is a little more realible than the other car with less problems. Actually I have no problems what so ever with this vehicle that I have. I’m loving it because it not only has a DVD player in it but it also includes a backup camera and also has remote start to it. Sweet! Let’s just say that Olivia is behaving much better now and there is no fights in the morning or at night to get in the car and ride because she is so quiet. The one thing that I will have to get is a pair of wireless headphones for the car so that I won’t have to listen to her movie. I don’t mind listening but I would love to listen to the radio or satellite radio in it as well. Here’s the a new beginning for us in 2012. I’m so happy to have a family that loves us and that is very supportive in everything that I do and that Olivia does.

Now onto what is new with Olivia. Well she is getting more confident in her self esteem because she is a cheerleader for Upward Basketball. She is doing so well with it and even though their team is very small she seems to be liking it more and more each week she goes. Last week she had her pictures made for the team and she told me that is wants to do Upward Cheerleading again next year. Now while we might not be in Nash County next year, it’s something for us to look into when we move.

Another thing that we have been looking at lately is putting Olivia into a year-round school. I have found that it will not only make it better on us but it will make it better on Olivia as well. She will go to school for 9 weeks and then have a 3 week break. We are looking forward to this because she needs a break so she’s not so burned out on school and the work that is done with it. She and I have been arguring about her getting her school work done at night or going to school in the mornings that after seeing how some of my friends and family who have children love it, then this might be the perfect thing for Olivia. While her grades are still good, we want only the best thing for her. Plus we will be able to take family vacations while she would be on track-out and not have to take one when everyone else is going.

So much is changing for us but it’s the good things in life that make it all worth while. I love my little family and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us in the year 2012! Life is wonderful and couldn’t be any better. Hope you all are having a wonderful year so far!

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