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Hotpants Review

So a few weeks ago I received in the mail a new pair of workout pants called “Hotpants” and they are awesome! I have gone to the gym several times wearing them and have even worked out in them at home. The secret to wearing them is they are super comfortable and they help your body sweat even more to help shed those pesky, unwanted pounds that you have been wanting to get rid of. I was wearing a size 20 when I started wearing them and withing 3 weeks I was back down into a size 18 pants. I was so excited that I finally got into my pants again considering what the holiday’s brought to me. That was a bigger pant size and it wasn’t even Christmas yet. Hahaha. Well the company that makes them are Zaggora and their pants are amazing! I am even planning on wearing them when I start training for the 5k race that I am going to attend in May. I’m so stoked because I’m looking forward to wearing a smaller size and being healthier by the summer and this is a product that I am going to use each and every time that I go workout, walk or run at home. The material that the pants are made of are comfortable, warm and definitely are snug but that’s the way I like them.

This is definitely a product that I will continue to use and will continue to share with others. You can also check out Hotpants on Facebook as well.

I was sent a pair of Hotpants to review by Zaggora and through Mom Bloggers Club.

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