Christmas is coming!

I can’t believe that Christmas is right around the corner again. It seems like we just had Christmas but then again it’s been another year and of course it flew right by us. This year has been so wonderful because not only did I open up and let new people come into my life but I also met a wonderful man. Yes, he knows how to play the guitar and he’s even mentioned to me that he would love to have a Fender Precision Bass for Christmas. I love it when Jason sings me songs and plays songs on the guitar he has now but this one would make it sound even better. I don’t think that’s in my budget this year but I know that one day he will get one. Right now, we’re working on having our first Christmas together and trying to figure the holiday’s out right now. I say that because he’s gonna have to meet my aunt and uncle and Olivia is going to have to meet the rest of his family. I’ve got a few surprises left for Jason but this is one Christmas he will never forget. Or I hope so that is.

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