School is great!

I love Olivia’s teacher for this school year. She is a person who is willing to look at Olivia and tell that if she needs help or not. I think the different teachers is making a huge difference in her school work and her attitude towards school. It got pretty nasty last year when she was making things up as of why she couldn’t go to school. It also got to be a habit that she was too sick to go to school and everything else. Including her homework and she is the kind of child who has always loved school and to learn. I have to say that Olivia’s attitude towards school is more positive and she looks forward to going to school. That’s always a positive note coming from Olivia.

Hopefully this year Olivia will get to meet new friends and have some over for playdates. I hate seeing her not have any over for the past several years and now she might actually change her attitude for the year. I pray that Olivia will have a wonderful school year and that she will make some new friends.

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