Labor Day Weekend!

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It’s kind of sad knowing that Summer is over with after tomorrow but it just feels like with the weather pattern it should still be going on. The kids should still be out of school and not in school. But I’m glad Olivia is back in school. She loves her teacher and her school and is enjoying school even though she has only gone 4 days so far. This past weekend she has been to a cookout with her dad and his family and came home on Saturday so that we could leave for our family reunion yesterday. We went yesterday and had a fantastic time. Jason went with us and had a great day as well. Olivia played, rode her bike, and swam. She got in trouble after having a major meltdown but we finally got that under control after having to sit and watch the others play while she was in timeout. I had planned on us going to take pictures today but it ended up being a lazy kind of day. So instead I’ve been going through my things and posting things online of things I need or want to sell. So far I have sold my thirty one purse because I have enough purses and don’t need another one. Tomorrow school is back in session and we will be happy that it will be. Guess I better go find what Olivia is doing. Hopefully she is not doing anything she’s not supposed to.

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