Dance Trophies…

I remember when I was younger and dancing in competitions with my dance class. Wow! That has been such a long time ago. I was dancing at Joni Reese Dance Studio in Wheaton, MD and I was in an advance dance class. We did all of the competitions and we won a lot of different trophies. I have a bunch of them still in my attic and wish I could dance in competitions again. It was so much fun learning the dance’s that we had to do. My favorite competition and most memorable was when I danced at the National Dance Competition in Virginia Beach. We danced our best and we won 1st place in Tap and 2nd in Ballet. I feel like I really accomplished something dancing there and felt like it was something that was for me. When I dance still to this day I feel like no one is watching me because I just can dance all day long if I wanted to. Maybe I should have become a dance teacher instead. 🙂

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