Daytona Coffee

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby
I absolutely love living near the beach. I’m a huge fiend for the water and I love the way I can always go outside and feel the sun and sand between my toes. The one thing I wish Daytona had more of, though, is coffee houses. I love sitting inside a dark, coffee smelling room and typing away on my laptop – guess it’s a holdover from when I used to live in Seattle! Recently I came across a Clearinternet Daytona Beach online offerso I signed up, anxious to have wireless internet access in my apartment and all around town. Then, out of nowhere, the best thing happened! I stumbled across this tiny hold in the wall coffee shop just a mile from my apartment! I only mention that because it was so great that I signed up for Clear since the coffee house didn’t have internet access. Now I’m able to just drive or walk up the street and sit in the shop and type all day. It’s especially nice when it’s too hot to go outside!

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