New Car!! Yes I got one!

I’m so thankful that I have found a car that I love and that it gets good gas mileage and everything else. It’s so nice to have my brother who found the car auto sales place and I found the car. I got a 2006 Ford Escape XLT with leather, a sunroof and a 6-disc cd player. I love it!!! The one thing that I have to say is that I’m so happy I’m done with the whole car shopping thing. I’m so not into the whole sales jobs thing because if I was I really would not be a happy camper if I had to deal with someone like me or my brother. LOL. But thankfully I got a really good deal on my new car and I’m so happy that I have something that is awesome on gas for a small suv and that I can travel in to Fayetteville, Maryland and more places now. 🙂

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