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I know that in the past few weeks I haven’t posted a lot about what has been going on because it’s kind of crazy here. School is almost up and I’m ready for this semester to be over with. This semester has been great as far as my classes go and that’s a blessing in disguise because I’m trying to keep my grades up and keep my gpa up too. Olivia has been doing well. She’s been keeping busy with playing outside now that the weather is turning warm again. Plus she is doing great in therapy. We are having a great time spending time together. Plus I’ve been spending a lot of time with Jason when I get to see him. He’s on the road a lot and I’m fine with that because it’s his job and he’s happy doing what he does for work. I would never ask him to change jobs because of it. I will never ask anyone to do that at all. If you love what you do then keep up with it. Don’t change because of me…because I would never change job professions for anyone either. I love working in the medical field and I hope that he loves being a driver. 🙂 Plus maybe one day I will get to go out with him on a weekend trip or something like that.

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