Spring is Coming then Summer!

I’m so happy that spring and summer are coming. I’m so tired of the winter months and so tired of it being cold all the time. Don’t get me wrong but I do like the winter and the snow but we’ve had such a bitter cold winter this year that I’m ready to see a little more sunshine and warmth. This coming up Monday I’m going to start doing TurboFire and can’t wait to lose the weight and get in shape for the summer! I am even more excited that I can now begin to go to the tanning bed and get my base tan started. I don’t want to scare anyone when I hit the beaches this summer. I’ve been using a certain tanning bed lotion last year but have been looking online at http://www.tanningbedlotions.org/ at some of the lotions that they have in stock. I’ve found quite a few and this year I hope after getting my base tan and then hitting the beaches I can get a nice golden tan at the beach. šŸ™‚ I want to be dark again and it look nice on me. I still have pictures of me when I was younger of me being the dark golden tan. I want that back this year!

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