Watch Out Baltimore! Here I come!

This coming up weekend I am heading up to Baltimore. I’m going up to visit with my sister and one of my good friends. I have been wanting to come for a while now but just haven’t. Now that my sister is living in Baltimore I couldn’t have thought of a better way to come up and visit. Plus I won’t have Olivia this weekend either because it’s her weekend to be with her daddy. I’m so grateful that she gets to go to his house every other weekend. It’s like a blessing that I normally get time alone without her. I need those breaks too because she can definitely be a handful at times. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I’m driving mom’s car up there because I’m honestly not sure if my car will be able to handle all of the cold weather but I will say this and that is I’m happy that she has a small car. I am in the beginning stages and serious stages of looking for a car for myself. I’m looking at a few models right now but just don’t want to say what they are. I am hoping to have something though that is much better at gas mileage than now. Well I’m patiently waiting for the clothes to get finished washing and then I’m heading to bed. I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon and can’t wait!

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