Clarification for those who need it!!!

While this blog is named The Livy Updater I originally started it back in 2006 to keep my family members up to date on what was happening with Olivia and such. Well so much has changed in the past few years that I have decided to do reviews on this site and other paid posts as well. Being a single mother now it’s hard sometimes to make ends meat and well with both of the newer things I am able to make it and save up for things that either myself or Olivia may need or want. I have made plenty of money in the past and if you think that I am writing many of these posts just for the hell of it then you may not be looking at the whole picture. I need to be able to provide my child with things that she needs mainly and myself as well. So if I offend any of you by not always writing about Olivia then I’m sorry. But I have to be able to provide for her and this is a way to do it. Not everyone can make a ton of money where they work and I’m not able to work two jobs because then I would never get to see her. I love my job of where I am now but I want to just let my readers know that I feel like this is the right thing to do to help provide for my small family.

Honestly if you don’t like it and you do feel offended then you don’t have to read those certain posts. I am tired to the negative comments that I get and the emails too. I can’t always please everyone and we all have our different opinions but I’m not going to change it at all. The only thing that I have changed on my blog now is the header where it now says “The Livy Updater and More.” Thanks for reading this and I hope you all will continue to read my posts.

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