Just Dance 2 is Awesome!!!

On Friday while at lunch I went to the mall and got myself a new pair of tennis shoes and also got myself the new Just Dance 2 game for the Wii. We have the first Just Dance game for it and loved it so much that I decided to wait until it went on sale to get it. Well needless to say that if we continue to play those games as much as we do then we will definitely be needing to get new video cards for the computer and the tv. We have had so much fun playing them and the best one that I did was Fat Boy Slim dance and then I did the Funky Town one and that one is absolutely hilarious. It’s like a little alien dancing and what not. But I can’t wait for Olivia to get home so that we can play this one game together. We are going to have so much fun with the game that I can see us losing weight with this game. šŸ™‚ The other thing that I like about it is that it has a just sweat mode which is where you can dance to unlimited songs and make it a great workout for yourself and the others that play. šŸ™‚

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