Baltimore, MD!

I’m so happy to announce that my sister will soon be moving back to the Baltimore area. This is so exciting because she won’t be too far away from home and I can go visit her and my friends in the area too. Yes! Plus she will be working at a Top Notch Trauma Hospital as well which is even better. Yay! She is very excited too. I did ask her if when she was working if they had to have a medical cart there but then I basically answered my own question because those are there for a reason. Especially if she has a patient who codes on her and what not. I will miss her this week because she is traveling to see a friend but then she will be back long enough to pack and get ready to move. Yes! We are coming to Maryland soon after she moves up there to visit with friends and family. Maybe I’ll get to take Olivia to the National Aquarium and to the Inner Harbor as well. Those have always been my plans but I never got to do them with her. Now I can and I’m so excited! We are going to have a blast!

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