We had Snow!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. And to top it off we got over a foot of snow. 🙂 I have been enjoying the snow and so has Olivia. We tried to get my sister out of the snow and at first it didn’t work. Yesterday she didn’t want to sit in the house the entire day and so it was really crazy. But then it turned into being funny, although she didn’t think it was so funny after that. Mom and I laughed so hard too. It was great! Well she and mom finally got out a little later and Olivia and I stayed home. I’ve been sick with a stomach bug of some sort and it has not been fun at all. I’ve lost about 8lbs since getting sick on Christmas night and I’m not able to keep anything in my stomach. Olivia has been so patient with me and she has wanted to snuggle with me since me getting sick. I didn’t have to go to work today which was a blessing in disguise but let me say it has been a long day. Terry was supposed to come pick up Olivia last night but since I didn’t have to work he is waiting for this afternoon.

Anyways, some of the best presents that Olivia received for Christmas was two train toys, Olivia doll and playhouse, American Girl Doll Clothing, Barbie Dolls, Barbie Car, Barbie Horse and More. Mine were clothing, the Coach purse my sister gave me and money. 🙂 I always like it when I get money. LOL. I got some gift cards too which are awesome too. The only place that I might be heading to today is to get some ginger ale and more coke. But that’s it.

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