Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it’s been kind of hectic for me and life. Last Monday I ended up at the Urgent care in Tarboro because I had a rash on my chest and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going away. Well after seeing the dr. I found out that I had a bad case of shingles. Oh yes, it’s not fun at all!!! Well this past weekend because I didn’t have Olivia I had originally planned on going back to the gym but it looks like I didn’t get to go. Boo! I was very discouraged by this because it seems that everytime I want to go back and get well enough something happens to either myself or Olivia to where I am unable to go. Oh well, I guess one of these days I can get back there and get back to working out. I’ve even checked into doing some of my workout videos at home just to stay in shape but I was under strict orders this past weekend to stay rested.

I feel a little better but still itching and burning happening. I guess one day these things will disappear. I am so glad that I didn’t over eat this weekend though because I slept most of friday and saturday. Rest is exactly what I needed. Tonight I have Daisy’s to go to and am glad that we are going. Olivia and I are still working on her other project for daisy’s. We might finish one of these days. LOL.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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