Thanksgiving is Coming!

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming it’s time to think about the house being full with family and friends. I can still remember living in our house in Columbia, MD and having all of the family over. We would throw down a pretty nice party and it was so much fun. We’d go out and play football, soccer or some crazy game we’d come up with. We’d all gather around the kitchen table or the dining room table to eat and conversate. I do miss those days but since I have a small family now and yes living with my parents it’s nice to say that I’d love to share these memories with Olivia. If we could get a nice modern extendable dining table it would be able to fit the entire family at it. That is if you include my brother, parents, sister, niece, and grandparents at it. Then add my aunt and uncle in the mixture and we have to sit at two different tables to just be able to fit. It’s going to be fun this year because the kids are getting older and I can’t wait to see Olivia’s and Keali’s faces at Christmas time.

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