Lately I have been on the hunt for a new “used” car. I’ve got several in mind and just need to get by to test drive them but I hate the sales people calling me to ask me if I’m ready to buy. Um, no I’m not giving my number out to them…just let me drive the freakin’ car! Anyways I was asked the other day if I won a million dollars what would I do with the money? Well I would definitely pay off all my debt, put some money towards Olivia’s college fund, probably purchase a new car and then purchase a house (not too big though). The rest of the money I would donate to the church and to a charity of course. But the one thing that I would not do is go out and buy a really expensive car like a Ferrari and then have to get the expensive Ferrari parts. I can go without a sports car like that!

But one of the cars that I’m looking at is a Mazda5 because they are not too big and perfect for traveling.

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