Been Thinking

I’ve been thinking lately about going back on a healthy diet. I’m looking to lose another 50lbs and it’s going to be so nice. The other day when I went shopping with my sister at Crabtree Valley Mall I went into American Eagle and found out that some of the XL shirts I can fit into. You don’t know how happy that made me feel because it has honestly been over 6 years since I have been able to shop there for myself. And it made me think about those people out there who have been to one of those stores, put on the clothing praying they’d fit and then realizing that the clothing is too small. Its very frustrating and I know that if you’re looking to use thermogenic fat burners they are sometimes not the answer that you need. I have tried fat burners, diet pills and weight loss supplements before but I want to go on a healthy regiment and this is the time to do it! I’ve already lost weight this year about 30lbs but I want to lose more and I know with only a matter of time, changing my eating habits, and start to workout again then it will happen!

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