Moon Dough, Team Mom

Holiday Gift Guide #1- Moon Dough

Are you looking for a good gift to give your kids for Christmas? Well I have recently been looking for ideas to get Olivia and my niece, Keali. Olivia has always been into building things, and creating things. I have found one of the coolest products called “Moon Dough” and I was sent a product sample not long ago to try out. Olivia got a quick glimpse of this product but has since forgotten it. I played with it for the most part and found that it’s awesome. I wanted to be able to let Olivia enjoy it after Christmas so that she will get something creative. This product is really good because it’s easy to clean up and it will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

I am also going to be getting my niece a Moon Dough playset as well since this December she will turn 2. I know for a fact that she will enjoy playing with this and that my brother will appreciate it because it means less of a mess for him to clean up after Keali.

Moon Dough can be purchased at most major retailers. And thank you to Team Mom for supplying me with a nice full sized product to be able to complete my review!

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