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Christmas Cards

It seems so hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. It seems like it was Christmas last year. Oh well I have been planning on getting a few things for Christmas this year for others that I didn’t do last year. I want to send out Photo Christmas Cards this year to all of my friends and family. Now don’t get me wrong but I had good intentions on sending them out last year but time snuck up on me and by the time that I realized that I needed to have them done I didn’t get to. Oh well, it will be ok though because this year I plan on having them done or doing them myself. And to have them printed out I am going to use a card like this or this. I would love to put the one cute picture of Olivia on it from Disney World that we took and I want to take a few of us from this fall. It would be nice to do and I know that we would get awesome results from the cards too.

I found that on this site that I found them they are priced very reasonable too. I have to say that paying an arm and a leg for Christmas cards is not what I want to do and this year I’m on the verge of already going over my budget. I am purchasing a nice present for Olivia but the present will not be her Christmas present but her birthday present in April. Yes I know it’s super early to get but I’m afraid that I will not be able to purchase it again after the new year. Anyways I want this year to spend around $10-$20 for Christmas cards and with I can find cards for around $1.84 or less. Sweet! I hope that you all will be getting something together so that you can get your cards out this year too. It’s going to be a great and fantastic year I can tell it is. 🙂

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