New Shades, New Paint, New Decor…

Now that fall is upon us I have wanted to do something for a while in my room and my bathroom. I have wanted to repaint my room and also redo my bathroom. Now that my room and the upstairs minus Olivia’s room is clean and it feel so nice to have it all clean up here. Well I asked my dad if I could redo my room color and paint and he said he didn’t care. I know that this is where I have to live because I can’t afford to live on my own right now so instead I will just do the bedroom and bathroom to where I want it to be and what I want it to look like. Well I was thinking that since I will be redoing my room and bathroom and the spare bathroom then maybe I should look into getting new cellular shades for the rooms too. We have the older looking blinds right now but these might actually go with the way the room and the decor looks like so it might turn out to being just what I wanted. But for now I will just leave my room the way it is until I find the time to do what I want to the room. But look out spring because I might be redoing it then. 🙂

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