Auto Insurance

I am currently in the market to get a new “used” car for me. I am looking for something that is good on gas and is not too small. I have been looking at getting a few things and still haven’t made up my mind on which I am going to get. I am looking at getting a Mazda5 which I love because it looks like a larger Honda Fit but it has sliding back doors which is amazing because I have a child who happens to like swing open the doors and bash up the doors. I have also been looking at the Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord, or Camry. I’m still not sure like I said what I want to get but it has to look stylish and would not kill me on purchasing gas. Another thing that I am going to have to check out is cheap auto insurance. I am with right now a really good company but I’m not sure how much it would cost to change the vehicle and how much it would be to insure that car I pick out and purchase. I need to contact my insurance agent soon since I will be getting a new car in the next year and I want to make sure that I can afford it all. Right now I have really cheap insurance.

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