The New Adventures of Old Christine-week 1

I have to say that this how happens to be one of my “new” favorite shows to watch. I just this past Tuesday went to court to finalize my divorce from my ex and yet we still have a friendship that I feel will be like Christine and her Ex. It’s hard because for me now being a single mom, and a divorced woman it’s hard to feel like you’re apart of something and yet you still want to date in the long run too. I’m not saying I’m personally looking for that someone to settle down with immediately but I’ve done a lot of growing up in the past year and this year I could tell was going to be a great year. Guess what me and “Christine” have a lot in common except for she has a son and I have a daughter and her son goes to a private school and Olivia goes to public. I’m so not bashing Public school at all but when I was Olivia’s age I was going to a “St. John’s Evangelist School” in Wheaton, MD and loved that school. But I wasn’t dealing with my parents not being together instead my parents were together and they still are. They have been married for 34 years and that’s so precious but holy smoke because that’s a long time unlike my grandparents though who have been married for almost 68 years this December. 🙂

But anyways me and Christine do have a lot in common and I hope to continue to watch the show to see what else we have in common since I’m a newly divorced mom and she is too but in this show it makes it seem much longer though.

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