I Want to go to the OBX!!!

Now that summer is just about over I’ve been wanting to go to the Outer Banks (OBX) and stay for a week in a very nice house. I remember going to Emerald Isle several years ago and staying with some friends at their rental house and it was awesome! I’ve noticed that the beach homes in the Outer Banks are huge and have a lot of room for a lot of people. Plus the prices are very reasonable too. I would love to go to the Outer Banks to stay for one week with my family. Not only would it be a wonderful vacation but it would be nice just to stay in someone else’s home for an entire week and not have to worry about your home. I’ve done some looking around lately and want to check out Outer Banks rental homes to see which home would be best for us. I want to stay in a house that is close to the beach if not on the water. Oh how awesome would it be to stay in the Rodanthe House that was made popular after the movie “Nights in Rodanthe.” But I know that is not possible but to find a house that also had a pool and had possibly an elevator as well (I don’t need one but if my mom goes she could use it and it would be awesome to have one too!) Yes I’m lazy can you tell? But I would also bring my best friend and her family too because it would be awesome to go on vacation with my bestie too! We’d drive everyone in the house crazy too! LOL

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