Bad movie, good music

Guest written by our friend Rick Walters

It’s always interesting to hear the soundtracks of movies, especially when the movies are really terrible. I make a habit out of buying a lot of music soundtracks, sometimes for even movies that I’ve never seen.

One of my favorite movie soundtracks would have to be the one for “Joe Dirt.” I had hopes for the movie because I always loved David Spade in “Just Shoot Me” and in all those movies he did with Chris Farley but when “Joe Dirt” came out, I thought it was so horrible and bad, and not even that funny.

One of the best songs on there would have to be “Hold Your Head Up” by Argent. I loved it when the song came out in the late ’80s. It’s a pretty long song with a lot of jamming riffs in the middle along with a cowbell. But when I was listening to it a while back I thought that it sounded a little different and I couldn’t exactly pick out some of the things that I used to when it first came out. I knew there was a cowbell in it but I just couldn’t hear it.

I knew the song hadn’t changed in the years it had been out so I looked up miracle ear prices because I thought I could probably use some hearing aids. It ends up that I did and I bought some.

Now I can rest easy and rock out because I know the cowbell is on there after all.

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