It can be Scary…Vampire Diaries!

After re watching “The Vampire Diaries” Season 1 DVD set I found that my favorite episode and scene of where it can be a little scary would be off of disc 3, Bloodlines. I remember watching this on the TV and after the first few minutes of the episode having to go and turn on all of the lights in the room because it freaked me out so bad. I have to say that every time that I watch this show I have to keep the lights on because I get scared quickly with things. But who wouldn’t with this show? I won’t even let my daughter watch it when she comes into the room with me…I have to change the channel instead and watch most likely a cartoon of some sort. The scene that I am referencing to would be the first scene where Elena is driving down a road in her car after leaving from Stephan’s house and driving along a dark, creepy road. All of a sudden she hits a man who was wearing all black and flips her car losing control of it and fulling totaling her car. Elena comes to after the crash and realizes that the man she just hit got up and started coming her way when all of a sudden he stopped right in front of her while she is stuck in the car and leaves very quickly. That part definitely got my heart pumping that’s for sure!

As most of you know I received an advance copy of the Season 1 DVD set to be able to review and share my thoughts of the show and I still love this show. I can’t wait for Season two to come out! This DVD set also includes a lot of extra features like it has extra clips and deleted scenes as well. 🙂

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