Wedding Time

Last night I went to a wedding here in Ellicott City, Maryland. I had a really good time and I can only hope and pray that Bethanie & Justin have a long and happy marriage ahead of them. But I remember when I got married Terry had gone out and purchased some Davidoff cigars because that at the time was the thing to do. Plus he loved to smoke them too. Well I am not sure if Justin and his friends did that but it would have been cool if they did. I like the smell of some cigars just not all of them. I think I like the sweeter ones than the nasty ones. I have never tried to smoke a cigar and I probably never will but I have to say that last night Bethanie and Justin know how to throw a party that’s for sure. More updates later about the wedding but it was awesome! And I’m so happy to be back home for the weekend!

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