A House with a Basement?

I was looking through some old photos the other day of our house in Wheaton, MD. It was a cute little house and me and my sister had basically the entire basement when we were younger. That’s where our rooms were and eventually where our room was and giant closet was. I remember though the days that it got so hot down there or it was very dry down there during the winter that my parents would pull out the basement dehumidifier because we had to keep it safe down there for us to live. Me and Liz would hear that stupid thing run all night long and we’d dare each other to go turn it off but we never did. Just before we moved to North Carolina we found it and thought we had gotten rid of it but honestly I think that we ended up bringing it down here. I want to say that I saw it a few years ago but I could be wrong too…that thing was the best at times and a pain at other times. Now I can’t wait until one day when I can get me a house that has a basement in it. I really would love to have one so that I can use it as a photo studio and also for an office for me. I’d also love to have a bonus room upstairs for either a guest bedroom or the playroom. Just something to wish and hope for and possibly even look forward to. You never know what the future holds for me and Olivia!

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