I wish we had a DVR!

Now that summer is here I have really lately been missing out on a lot of my shows that I would have normally watched. But that’s OK because if I had thought about it I would have looked into getting a DVR for our satellite TV instead of just the regular box. I used to have Dish Network but then we recently changed companies because we found somethings that we liked with the other company better. Not saying that Dish Network is bad but it just didn’t offer all of the channels we wanted or needed. Like we love having the sprout channel for Olivia and for Keali when she comes to visit. Between the Sprout channel and Nick Jr. it constantly stays on those two channels. I don’t mind it though because it’s like the same shows comes on each and every day several times a day. Another thing that I wish we could get would be Time Warner Cable. Unfortunately where we live we are unable to do so but if I moved to Raleigh or somewhere else in the state I might be able to get it. Just right now living in Eastern NC it’s hard to find it around here. I think we are for right now stuck with Satellite which really hasn’t been an issue for us either. Another thing that I wish we had was the DVR because when I was still married I had the DVR and we loved that thing. I think honestly there might still be shows and movies on it from when I was there almost 2 1/2 years ago. I miss having it because if there was a movie or a show that I really, really wanted to watch I would just record it and then go back and watch it later on. Some of the shows that I loved to record were Army Wives, Trauma Life in the ER, and The Biggest Loser. Now I have to watch the reruns on TV when they come on during the week if they come on during the week. But I really do want to have one just I think the regular boxes will have to do for us at this time. One day I’ll get another DVR and will be just as happy as ever again!

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