Losing Weight

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers now for a good month and for the entire month of doing it I have lost a total of 10lbs. I’ve been very blessed and lucky to have such a great support group in doing it too because I feel like maybe by next summer I will have reached my goal weight. I did however in the beginning of my weight loss journey try out some of those fat burner pills but they just made me feel extremely jittery and also didn’t do much for me. I had to stop using them and just go back to eating healthy and working out. I need to get back to the gym next week and can’t wait either! I have been slack the past week but this evening I plan on going for a walk after I put Olivia down for bed. This should make up for the time I’ve missed on the treadmill. I want to get back to running often and getting to be in shape again! The journey is going well but I can’t wait to see what the end results are!

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