This past week I have been having a difficult time sleeping. I think it’s from the fact that last Sunday I went upstairs to grab something when I noticed that it was extremely hot there. Well come to find out our a/c unit upstairs was not running at all. So Sunday night I was going to plan on sleeping downstairs but since Olivia couldn’t calm down and would lay still she went back upstairs in the heat and fell asleep under her comforter even in her room. Ugh! Lets just say I was really tired the next day for work because I was so tired. When I get extremely hot I have a hard time sleeping unless it’s in the winter. But needless to say after a few days of no a/c running I was thinking of looking online for some of the best eye cream for dark circles because I looked horrible and tired. But that’s ok because we now have a/c back up and running at the time and lets pray that it stays on now.

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